Benefits of Massage Therapy: Why You Should Get Them Regularly

Getting a massage is one of the ways to pamper and treat yourself. It makes you relax, but massage therapy has many more benefits.


Keeps Your Muscles From Straining


Massaging brings down muscle tension and prompts the body to produce relaxation hormones. Serotonin production also increases after a massage. Serotonin is a hormone that brings down pain naturally. Body circulation improves, increasing the supply of nutrients and oxygen to your tissues.


Massaging stimulates joint fluid production, reducing the effects of joint diseases like arthritis. With the pressing and pushing, tissue flexibility and elasticity improve.


Boosts Your Immunity


Research shows that massage increases the white blood cell count. With better circulation, the immune cells produced spread to all parts of the body. Your body benefits from the enhanced protection from bacteria and viruses. For persons living with HIV, a massage increases their immune function.


Lymphatic circulation becomes better after a massage. An effective lymphatic system cleans your blood better, eliminating elements that cause infection. It also drains waste products like lactic acid out of the muscle cells. You feel less fatigue and muscle pain.


Relieves Back Pain


Massages are among the most effective treatments for back pain and stiffness. Reduced pain means less pharmacological intervention for pain relief and fewer side effects.


Improves Posture


Having regular massage corrects misalignments in your back, improving your posture. It frees up any tissue and joint restrictions, and structurally realigns your back. A massage also brings down muscle tension and fatigue. You also enjoy reduced joint compression and degeneration from arthritis.


A massage also corrects the effects of postural patterns you developed over time. Activities like heavy lifting or hunching over a desk when using your computer may change your posture. Once your posture is corrected, you can return to your active and energetic self.


Relieves Stress Effects


During a massage, you have an excellent chance to de-stress and unwind. Block stressful thoughts and practice mindfulness. You start to feel relaxed and at ease. For most people, this feeling continues for days after the massage, sometimes weeks. According to science, a massage also stimulates Delta Brainwave activity, inducing deep sleep and relaxation. With regular massage sessions, you can achieve a better and reliable sleep pattern.


Makes You Sleep Better


Getting to bed with your muscles loosened and relaxed will get you a peaceful sleep. You feel less fatigue in the morning. Those who cannot rest due to special conditions benefit from a massage also. Persons undergoing radiation and chemotherapy can sleep better after a massage. Infants also sleep better, cry less, and appear more rested after a massage.


Improves Diabetes


Older people should have regular massages to address diabetes. Massaging reduces inflammation and restores the working of insulin. Insulin regulates the sugars in the blood, and achieving this without pharmaceuticals is good.


Massages are popular now because people have noted their health benefits. For a consultation and massage, visit Dr. Patrick O’Neill Chiropractor in North Charleston, South Carolina. You can also call 843-865-6500 to book your appointment.

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