Home Office Ergonomics – Work from Home Comfortably

Working from home has become the norm these days. To improve the interaction between you and your home office, it is important to understand the ergonomics involved. This can not only optimize your performance but also ensure that your health does not suffer.


Why You Should Know About Ergonomics


Whether you have a dedicated room and desk for your home office, or you work from the couch or kitchen table, proper ergonomics can ensure that your health and performance do not suffer.


To make your workstation at home healthy, you can incorporate a few changes. These can be as simple as using a pencil case under your laptop and walking to your children’s room when waiting for a meeting to begin.


Let the Change Begin with a Table and Chair


As you make your home office setup work for you, a few changes are in line. Moving to a table and chair can include investing in a height-adjustable desk or using your dining table to work. If your table is not adjustable, you can buy a chair that moves to give you the height needed to work properly.


Perfecting Your Posture


An improved posture will minimize your risk of developing pain. You can start with ensuring that your feet are flat on the floor, and the longest bone in your body (yes, it is the femur or the thighbone) is parallel to the ground.


Your shoulders should be relaxed and not slouch forward. This can be easy to do if your elbows are at right angles and hanging near, not touching, your stomach. Your shoulders should also be in a straight line with your gluteus maximus, keeping your spine as your parents asked you to — straight as an arrow. You should also try to sit all the way back into the chair. The curve in your lumbar spine will automatically adjust without being pushed up against the back of your chair.


Getting Your Computer Right


Now that you adjusted your home office, your computer or your laptop should be at the right distance. Let your system be at a forearm’s length distance from you. Its height should be such that the top of the screen should be in line with your eyes.


In case your monitor is at a low height, you can place your child’s discarded pencil case under your laptop or use a few books to raise it.


Move Your Body, Ease the Stress


Whenever you get some time, move your body. Take a walk around your home, go to your children’s room for a quick hug, or do a quick workout when your meeting is going to start in a few minutes.


Chiropractor Near You


If your home office has been giving you troubles, you can visit a chiropractor to ease the pain. Your chiropractor can also suggest you some tailored adjustments to improve your work from home system. At O’Neill Chiropractic in N. Charleston, SC we are determined to provide the best treatment for your chiropractic needs.


Learn more about the benefits of an ergonomic home office & how to work from home comfortably, contact O’Neill Chiropractic in N. Charleston, SC at (843) 865-6500.

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