How Posture Affects Your Health

Most people will admit that they grew up hearing the phrase “Stand up straight” repeatedly. However, a quick survey of the slouching bodies all over indicates that this advice is lost to many. 

Most people do not realize how their posture affects their health. Poor body position can cause pain to the shoulders, neck, and back. A healthy spine is important for overall good health. It is important to understand how your posture affects your health.

Spinal Curvature 

Your posture can affect the natural spinal alignment. Poor posture alters the shape of the curves by placing excessive pressure in one position. The spine is naturally built to absorb pressure and shock, but poor posture can deteriorate this ability. This puts the body at risk of serious injury sometime in the future. 

Experiencing Back Pain

A common side effect of poor posture is back pain. The strain on the upper and lower back can cause pain. Slouching forward exerts pressure on the shoulder blades, causing the back muscles to flatten. If you spend long hours slouched over your office desk, it can lead to back pain. Experiencing pain around the tailbone and below the neck are signs that you have poor posture.

Headaches and Neck Pain

If you experience frequent headaches and neck pain, it can be due to your posture. Poor posture can put pressure on the exterior muscles, which negatively impacts the neck. Do you sit or walk with your head aimed downward or your shoulders hunched forward? If so, this can strain your neck. The tightness of the muscles can result in tension headaches. 

Experiencing Poor Sleep

If you find it difficult to sleep at night, it could be due to poor posture. Poor posture harms your entire system as it places the muscles in the wrong position. This can make it difficult to relax the body at night, and it can also lead to shallow breathing. If you turn and toss all night trying to find a comfortable sleeping position, it could be due to your posture. 

Poor Posture and Digestion

Poor posture can cause digestion problems. If you sit at a desk all day, it can lead to compression of your organs. This can slow down the digestion process, resulting in stomach problems. If you experience disrupted digestion, talk to your healthcare provider and find out if your posture is causing the problem. 

Chronic Disability

Poor posture can lead to chronic disability, especially when it becomes a habit. Something that becomes a habit can gradually cause the spine to become fragile. This can cause an individual to become prone to injury. Poor posture can also affect your mood, leading to mental problems. 

If you think your posture may be affecting your health, visit a chiropractor. Chiropractic care can help improve your posture. Learning the right standing and sitting techniques will help improve your overall health. The therapy also helps reduce pain and strengthen weak muscles. It also helps reduce the risk of injury.

For more on how posture affects your health, visit O'Neill Chiropractic at our office in North Charleston, South Carolina. You can call (843) 650-3232 today to schedule an appointment.

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