Why You Should Seek Chiropractic Care of Sport-Related Injuries

Do you play sports for an organized league? Perhaps you compete on your school team. Whether you’re a professional athlete or merely enjoy weekend fun with friends, you should know what can cause sports-related pain and injury. Fortunately, chiropractors can help manage many issues caused by sports injuries.

Here are four reasons to seek chiropractic care for your aches and pains:


Chiropractic Care Relieves Pain and Lets You Heal Faster


After a sports-related injury, you should contact your sports chiropractor immediately. This way, you can reduce pain and swelling while preventing scar tissue from building up. If untreated, these conditions can prolong your recovery and even result in long-term damage. Chiropractors use different treatments to help you heal. These include cold compression, massage therapy, and spinal manipulation. Other treatment options include cupping, dry needling, and physical rehabilitation.


It Helps Prevent Injury


What’s better than helping a professional athlete or a weekend warrior fully recover from a sports-related injury? It’s preventing the damage from occurring in the first place. Warm-ups and dynamic exercises help increase your strength and flexibility. Your chiropractor will also likely incorporate nutritional counseling into your treatment plan. This can significantly improve your athletic performance.


It Reduces Your Risk of Further Injury


Your treatment plan will do more than just get you out of pain. It will also decrease the risk of reinjuring yourself. For example, spinal adjustments can keep your body in proper alignment. This makes it less likely that you will strain muscles and support structures. Proper alignment also prevents you from experiencing excess joint pressure. Asymmetries within your body can negatively impact you in many ways. Once these issues are addressed, your balance and coordination will improve.


Chiropractic Care Improves Future Athletic Performance


Many athletes excel with the hope of getting a college scholarship. Others are driven by the competitive nature of sports. To ensure your body has full mobility, it is best to visit a chiropractor regularly. If you have sustained a sports injury, ongoing chiropractic care can help reduce pain and inflammation. The treatments will both help you recover faster and improve lymph, blood, and cerebrospinal fluids. These fluids are crucial to eliminating toxins in your body. Ultimately, chiropractic care increases your health and energy. That means the next time you get on the court or field to play your favorite sport; you’ll enjoy better athletic performance.


Sports are a lot of fun for many of us and a great way to stay fit and healthy. But the risk of injury is always there, even if you’re a seasoned athlete. If you are considering a new routine, it’s best to consult with an expert first to determine your fitness level. You don’t want to push too hard too fast as that is a common way to injure yourself.


To learn more about Chiropractic care for sports injuries, contact O’Neill Chiropractic in North Charleston, SC at (843) 865-6500 for an appointment.

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